Big data, algorithms, and personal data: “Taking Personalization Personally,” exploring the human impacts of data as it is collected, interpreted, and used for decision making and personalization in our lives.

Artificial intelligence: “The AI Story So Far,” on the dominant apocalyptic narratives we focus on about AI, and why we need more grounded, practical stories to understand our human-machine relationships with AI

Smart cities: grounded Singapore case study as a test bed for smart city issues of the future

Wearable tech and the Quantified Self: what consumers do with data, and what we can learn about making data accessible and manageable for users

Moderating and interviewing: I'm comfortable interviewing leaders for book talks and leading discussions on conference panels. I'm passionate about facilitating insightful conversations on a wide range of technology and society subjects. 





Future Cities Lab Indicia 02 Book Launch, Singapore


Shared Services and Outsourcing Week, Singapore

Global Art Forum: I Am Not A Robot, Singapore

"Who Owns Your Data?" Futureproof Yourself, The Compass, BBC World Service    [audio]

Design Trust | Dim Sum Labs Book Launch and Design Dialogue (moderator), Hong Kong

Starting the Internet All Over Again, SXSW, Austin    [audio] [video]

Fjord Fika Podcast with Sara M. Watson and Andy Polaine    [audio]


The Year in Technology, WBUR Radio Boston    [audio]

Has Silicon Valley Lost Its Humanity? MIT, Cambridge    [video CSPAN Book TV]

The Technoskeptic on Ex Machina, Cambridge

"Does AI need a soul?" Fast Company Innovation Festival at Deutsch, New York

"Technology Criticism," Night White Skies Podcast    [audio]

"Ethical Machine Learning/Inherent Bias" (moderator), Facets, New York    [video]

"The AI Story So Far," re:publica, Berlin

"Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism," Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford


"The AI Story So Far," AI in Asia, Digital Asia Hub, Seoul

"Taking Personalization Personally," Wrangle, Kuala Lumpur

"Taking Personalization Personally," Strata + Hadoop World, Singapore    [video]

Scratching the Surface Podcast    [audio]

"Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism," New Practices in Journalism at Sciences Po, Paris    [video]

"The AI Story So Far," Artificial Intelligence in Asia, Digital Asia Hub, Hong Kong

"'Big' and 'Smart' Visions: Buying What Tech Firms Are Selling," Big Data in Asian Society, NTU, Singapore

"The Cyber," WBUR's Radio Open Source    [audio]

"Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism," Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston

"Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism," Tow Center for Digital Journalism, New York    [video]

"The Personalization Spectrum," Strata + Hadoop World, New York    [video] [interview]

"There is No 'Off the Record,'" Note to Self and Flash Forward Podcast collaboration    [audio]

"Liquid Data: The Power of Seductive Metaphors" CADA Human Entities Lecture Series/Architecture Triennale, Lisbon    [audio]

"Playing with My Data," FutureME, Singapore    [video]

"Digital Alter Egos," Radio Berkman Podcast    [audio]


Incite Summit East, New York

"Covering Technology," Journalism + Silicon Valley, Tow Center, New York    [video]

"Doppelgänger," BBC 4's Digital Human Podcast    [audio]

"Dada Data and the Internet of Paternalistic Things," FutureEverything, Singapore    [video]

"A Patient’s Perspective on the Future of Healthcare," HIMSS AsiaPac Closing Keynote, Singapore

"Databite: On Embodied Data Metaphors," Data & Society, New York     [video]

"The Threats and Tradeoffs of Big Data," Radio Berkman Podcast    [audio]

"This Is How Much the Internet Knows About You," WNYC's Note to Self Podcast    [audio]

"Living with Algorithms" (moderator), Theorizing the Web, New York

"Rethinking Privacy in an the Era of Big Data, IoT, and Nudge," Harvard Law School, Cambridge

"The Future of Government: The Political Startup" (moderator), Harvard Ventures, Cambridge

Data is the New "_____"DIS Whet Talks at New Museum, New York    [video]

"Whose Data is it Anyway?," Future Tense Our Data, Our Health, New America Foundation, DC    [video]

"Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World," Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Cambridge    [video]

Fireside Chat, Harvard University Dudley House, Cambridge


"Living with Data: Big Data at Human Scale," Big Data, Better World?, Claremont University, Los Angeles

"Constructive Technology Criticism," Drink Salon: Technology & Ethics, Cambridge

Neiman Conference: Data Visualization at Marquette University, Milwaukee

Guest Lecture, Data Visualization, Emerson College, Boston

"Constructive Technology Criticism," Harvard-MIT Fellows Ignite Talks, Cambridge    [audio]

"Legible Data in Crash Course in Digital Literacy," The Conference, Malmö    [video]

Mindful Cyborgs Podcast    [audio ep 34, ep 35]

"Big Data with Human Characteristics," Big Data Summit, Beijing

"Nothing to Hide? Illusions of Privacy and Security," MIT Technology and Culture Forum, Cambridge

Guest Lecture, Media Management and Marketing: New Business Models in an Evolving Industry, Harvard University Extension School, Cambridge

"Living with Data: Stories that Make Data More Personal," Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Cambridge [video]

"Suggestive Results: Algorithms, Information, and Control" (moderator), Theorizing the Web, Brooklyn

"What We Talk About When We Talk About Data," Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Cambridge    [video]


"Driving Under the Influence of Data," Ford-MIT Alliance Executive Committee Meeting, MIT, Cambridge

"Underlying Assumptions of Self Quantification" (moderator), Quantified Self Conference, San Francisco

"Proposing a Legal Right to Use Our Data" (moderator), Quantified Self Conference, San Francisco

"Target: You" Guest Lecture, Seminar STS.091 Critical Issues in STS, MIT, Cambridge

"What We Talk About When We Talk About Data," Festival of Ideas, Berkman Center, Cambridge     [video]

"What We Talk About When We Talk About Data," Crimson Hexagon, Boston

"Past, Present, Future," Quantified Self Meetup, London    [video]

"The Self in Data" (moderator), Quantified Self Conference, Amsterdam


"Best Practices for Online Video Analytics & Optimization," Brightcove PLAY, Boston

"Paying with Data: How Free Services Are Not Free," South by Southwest, Austin [audio]