This iPhone Chip Turns Us All Into Activity Trackers — Whether We Want To or Not

I wrote about how the iPhone 5S M7 coprocessor might turn us into quantified selves, whether we’re opting into activity tracking applications or not in Wired.

Activity tracking used to be a very conscious, active decision. There was a process of deciding what to track, and perhaps buying a device or turning on an app to track it. We also had to remember to put on our wrist bands or clip our Fitbits to our clothes.

Now, with the M7, activity tracking comes as an automatic feature on the device that most of us carry with us all day, every day. It’s one thing to actively decide to wear a fitness-tracking device. It’s another to get one — by default — as part of the exchange when you buy into the iPhone. It gives Apple the ability to capture that activity data passively, whether we are interested in it or not.

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