Creepy Digital Humans

I'm on the most recent episode of the Digital Human podcast, talking about our uncanny relationship with our Data Doppelgängers. The show goes explores everything from gothic literature, to philosophy of the self, to cyber twins and Googlegängers. I discuss the anorexia ad example from this Atlantic article I wrote last year. I also argue that we should pay attention to our data doppelgängers, even when they give us the creeps, because they are our best clues into how our data is operating on our behalf. 

Listen to the episode on BBC Radio 4 or on iTunes.

I'm a huge fan of this podcast, and I highly recommend the rest of the Digital Human back catalog. Aleks Krotoski explores the psychological aspects of our relationship to technology.

Big Data, So What?

I got the chance to interview friend and fellow Bruce Schneier for Radio Berkman 218: The Threats and Tradeoffs of Big Data, talking about his latest book Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Capture Your Data and Control Your World. I had the pleasure of seeing Bruce walking around Berkman with his book-in-process binder at all times over the last year and got a chance to read some drafts, so focused on some of the nuts and bolts of the book writing process, his audience, and his aims for impact. I highly recommend both Bruce's book and the rest of the Radio Berkman podcast.

Note to Self Podcast on Crystal

I had the pleasure of speaking with Manoush Zomorodi on her WNYC Podcast Note to Self about personalization technologies and why we find them a little creepy. We talked specifically about Crystal, an email-writing coach that predicts your correspondents' personality and preferred communication methods based on public data pulled from places like LinkedIn and blog posts.

I highly recommend the rest of the podcast (formerly known as New Tech City), and have been a big fan for a while. And Crystal is right, I appreciate open, casual conversations like this one with Manoush.

Reading Dada Data and the Internet of Paternalistic Things on Radio Berkman

Dan Jones, audio production extraordinaire, pulled together some interviews with authors who contributed to the Berkman Center Internet Monitor report this year, including myself. I got a chance to read my speculative fiction piece about the internet of paternalistic things, and I had a great conversation with Dan about some of the inspiration behind the story. Give it a listen—my section starts around 33:00, but the whole podcast is really worth listening to.

Mindful Data Podcast, part 2

Here's part two with the folks at Mindful Cyborgs. We talk census data, soft data and hard data, active versus passive tracking, raising awareness with tracking, the questions behind questions about data and tracking, and more... They've also got a lot of links to resources I mention throughout the podcast on their page here.