Mindful Data Podcast, part 2

Here's part two with the folks at Mindful Cyborgs. We talk census data, soft data and hard data, active versus passive tracking, raising awareness with tracking, the questions behind questions about data and tracking, and more... They've also got a lot of links to resources I mention throughout the podcast on their page here.

Mindful Data Podcast

I had the pleasure of talking with Chris Dancy and Klint Finley for two episodes of their Mindful Cyborgs podcast. I've been a fan of the show for a while, and highly recommend episodes with Kate Darling, Nathan Jurgenson, and Ernesto Ramirez. I spent a lot of time listening to the show last year while I was doing research on the Quantified Self, so I was thrilled when they reached out to talk about my Data Doppelgängers article. We ended up talking about a whole lot more than that, including my background in enterprise IT, and the evolving role of constructive technology criticism.

In a lot of ways, "Mindful Cyborgs" is just another way of saying technology critic—Dancy described it as a process of becoming aware of our relationship to technology. Like the show's title, I draw a lot of inspiration from Donna Harraway in talking about non-binary discussions about human relationships with tools and technology. Asking whether it's all good or all bad doesn't really get us anywhere. Instead, starting from a position that assumes technology is always a part of human life—what sets us apart as humans—allows us to ask more constructive questions.

The episode is embedded below, and you can subscribe to the Mindful Cyborgs podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud. Stay tuned for the second episode shortly...