e-flux Futures

I dabbled in a little hopeful data futurism for DIS magazine's contribution to e-flux 56th Venice biennaleSTYLES AND CUSTOMS IN THE 2020S. As part of the journal’s ‘super community’ theme, in which “people comprise the planetary computer backend,” DIS crowdsourced predictions for the 2020s. Rather than be pessimistic about the way things are going and put forth predictions for a dystopic 2020, I offered a few hopeful outlooks of constructive solutions for technologies I think raise interesting near-term concerns.

Fortunately, the FTC modernizes the definition of antitrust to address both vertical and horizontal monopolies across markets, thus breaking up Google into three hundred companies. Commercial personalization gets its Snowden moment when a BlueKai data broker whistleblower outlines the extent of the industry’s manipulative, exploitative, and discriminatory targeting practices. Internet of Things companies form a self-regulating body and sign a common Code of Conduct charter outlining what they will not do with customers’ data.

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