Researching with the Tow Center

I'm pleased to share that I'll be joining this amazing cohort as a Research Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism. I have been inspired by a lot of the work coming out of there, especially on Algorithm Accountability reporting that influenced the aims of the Living with Data series. In the coming year I'm further exploring the idea of constructive technology criticism. Here's the project description in detail:

Constructive Technology Criticism
Tow Fellow: Sara Watson
Contemporary technology criticism is a product of the internet, characterized by oversimplified binary questions, clickbait headlines, and sensationalizing explorations of moral panics and progress narratives. Technology criticism has the potential to play an operative role in shaping the design, adoption, and policies around emerging technologies. Sara’s work explores how Constructive Technology Criticism can improve the broader cultural discourse about technology, not only commenting on the technologies we have, but also influencing and shaping the technologies we want.

I'm grateful to the Knight Foundation for funding this work, which I've been thinking a lot about over the past year and I'm grateful to have the time and space to dive into it in greater depth this coming year. 

I'll be working virtually from Singapore and hanging out with the cohort in Slack, and in NYC when I can get there. And I'm also still affiliated, mostly virtually, with the Berkman Center this year. I'm planning on sharing a lot of the work in process, asking for feedback on reading lists and syllabi, building up style guides, etc. Stay tuned here and on the Tow Center blog for updates.