Gearing up for Quantified Self Amsterdam

I’m thrilled to be leading a breakout session on “The Self in Data" at the upcoming Quantified Self conference in Amsterdam on Saturday at 3PM. I’m hoping to have a lively discussion about the following questions:
The Self in Data
In my research on the QS community, I’ve found that we talk a lot about our technical requirements of data, and about how we want to use data. What we don’t often talk about is what it means to know ourselves through data. This breakout is an opportunity to discuss what data tells us about ourselves and how we relate to our data.
  • What is my relationship to my data? Today, over time? 
  • What does my data tell me about myself?
  • How do I derive meaning from my data? 
I’ll also begin with a little context from my current research on how the QS community talks about our relationship to data. Please join us if you are interested in these questions, and if you can’t make it to the session, do try to say hi in Amsterdam!