A Right to Use My Data?

One piece of my Quantified Self work explained how current barriers to use expose the need for revised policies to support individuals’ personal interest in the use of their data. Throughout my research, I kept coming variations on a theme: I want to do more with all this data I’ve been tracking or that I know exists about me, but I’m limited by these data silos. I concluded: “Wherever data access, portability, and standards pain points lie, we should recognize the need for updates to policies to address and protect the evolving needs and expectations of individuals.”

We’ll get a chance to discuss what a right to use might look like in the breakout session I’m leading at the Quantified Self global conference in San Francisco this Thursday. Join the discussion!

Proposing a Legal Right to Use our Data
Many barriers limit our abilities to derive meaning from our data. We will discuss how a positive “right to use” our personal data could reconcile personal interests with firms’ interests in data.