Living With Data, 2.0

I'm excited to revive the Living With Data series, this time on Gizmodo. I love that their motto is "Everything is technology"—that certainly jibes with my approach to technology criticism.

One of the goals behind the series is to surface more examples of how data and algorithms impact our lives through personal stories. Gizmodo has a really active readership, so I'm eager to see what questions and stories arise from this inquisitive community.


Here's an excerpt from the first installment: 

I came across it the other day as a sponsored post in my Facebook news feed. It caught my attention, given how on point it was—It’s true, I am an American, just recently moved to Singapore. However, I’m not the type to wear my passport on my sleeve.

Still I wondered, what data and what advertising processes made it possible for this very-long-tail item to find its way to my eyeballs? 

How did this hyper-targeted ad reach me? And was it algorithmically generated content to begin with?

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Check out the archives of the series, originally published at Al Jazeera America. Stay tuned, and don't hesitate to share your questions and curiosities with me for future installments!