Input Please? Review v 0.1 of My Technology Criticism Reading List

I've just posted a massive reading list that's the background for my Tow Center Project on Constructive Technology Criticism. The list is up on the Tow blog, as well as a post on Medium so you can comment directly on specific readings in line

I could use your help! Given my interdisciplinary background, this list is by no means comprehensive or canon. And I’m drawing in a few less-than tradition sources like podcasts and literary fiction that are doing some important work that I think exemplifies a critical, balanced, and humanist approach to constructive technology criticism.

What are your favorite examples of technology criticism? What books or articles influence the way you think and write about technology? Any examples of tech writing that make you cringe? Where are my institutional and disciplinary blind spots? What are the pieces of technolgoy writing you keep going back to, the ones that made you go “huh,” the ones that got you so angry you tweetstormed about them? And if you’ve got a suggestion for a more dynamic tool for collaborative reading lists, send it my way!

Check out the list and comment here.